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 Ending PTSD

A different take on how to change PTSD
Discover a pathway to peace, ease, and freedom

What if you are not broken? What if you are not wrong? What if you do not need fixing?


What if there is a different perspective and tools that could empower you to be able to change PTSD?

Heather Perrywinkle Smith
CFMW, Author, Facilitator 


Hello, my name is Heather.


It's truly an honor to meet you.


Welcome to the home of a different possibility.


If you are like most people you have had a whole lot of experts, doctors and well meaning people tell you what is wrong with you and maybe what you need to do to get things right again. This is not that kind of website. I am not an expert, a doctor, nor a therapist of any kind. I was the kind of person at my wits end and feeling really stuck and not knowing where to turn to help myself.


Here you will not find other people’s answers, not even mine. You will find an empowering possibility to start discovering your way through, or even out of, post traumatic stress.


You will find questions that open the door to you. The YOU that has been lost along the way in the traumas of living in this crazy world.


What I share with you here might seem too simple to actually make a difference. What if it is simplicity that could unlock you from the seemingly impossible lockdown of post traumatic stress?

Would you be willing to take a chance on you and try it out?

 Ending PTSD Introduction call
A free gift for you

I have used everything I share with you here in my own life and it has worked better than I dared dream, with lasting results. Day in and day out, everything keeps getting better.

I created this website because I would like you to know that your past experience of trauma does not have to define you. It is not the sum total of who you are. There was a time, maybe quite awhile ago, that you did not have post traumatic stress. A time that you did not feel tortured by your experiences in life. You may not be able to go back to that time before, but what I am saying is; what if it is possible to go forward creating you, your body and your life as no longer at the effect of the past? 

I did it. 
If I can, you can. 

How do I know this? You are not dead. You are here reading this page. Maybe by all rights you should be dead. Maybe you thought you were going to die. Maybe you have even wished you were dead. However you are alive now. You are strong enough and courageous enough to make it this far, even with all you have been through.


This lets me know you are actually a bad ass!

You are actually an incredibly powerful person...

...You might just be missing some information, some tools for getting unstuck. Here on this website you will find a different take on how to change PTSD. It is a place to begin, or perhaps to get a few steps farther along your journey of recovering the you it feels like you lost. 

You are being invited to empower yourself to create the change you are seeking. Ask for it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you are in the middle of a cesspool, don't stop at half way through; keep going until you reach dry ground. Keep going until you reach the lasting relief you seek. 

That is one thing I can say about myself; somehow, some way; I never gave up on me. No matter how ugly or difficult; deep down I always new there must be something greater and different possible. I was never going to stop until I achieved that greater possibility. 

I just new it has got to get better than this. I am not living the rest of my life feeling so tortured and trodden down by life. 

Is today the day to start creating a new future for yourself? A future without past trauma determining any if it? Only you know the answer to that. 

...What if in just a few more steps something miraculous could open up? The miracle of you being by your own side, every step of the way of your life, being the friend and support you wished you got from other people?

Today is a new day.

Right now is a new moment.

You have you.

Now, you have me here taking the next step with far as you would like to go.

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