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Access Peace of Mind

with Access Bars

One of the most amazing things I have ever found to undo post traumatic stress is Access Bars™

I have shared just one of the points in Relief #3, with showing you the implant band. If this has been powerful for you doing it yourself, it is about one-thousand times more powerful if you have someone else touch this point.


Would you like more?

Find a Bars Practitioner or Facilitator near you...There are now well over 2000 Facilitators and Practitioners around the world. There may be one near you!


With a Bars Practitioner you can get a private session and with a Bars Facilitator you can either get a private session or take the one day class to learn the entire Bars modality for yourself.


It is really great to take a bars class with a friend or family member so you have someone to practice and trade with after attending class, especially if there are no practitioners or facilitators near you.


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