Relief #1

Ask questions:


1. How does it get any better than this?

2. What else is Possible?


If none of the answers you have found are working to create the results you hoped for, would you try out asking a question instead? Asking questions is one of the most powerful things we have available to create change. Even with something like Post Traumatic Stress.


These two questions are powerful. They open up a possibility for change. For more awareness. For more choice. For unlocking what is sticking you.


When you are stressed, worried, freaking out, depressed, upset, irritated, annoyed…


How does it get any better than this?™


When you are asking this question, you are asking the entire universe to show you how it gets any degree better than it currently is. 1% better is better.


You can ask it when things are horrible and you would like it to get better. You can ask it when things are great, and watch as things begin to get even better!


When you are feeling stuck, confused, trapped, immobile, like you don’t know what to do next…


What else is possible?™


When you ask this question, it is about being in the curiosity of wondering what else is possible that you have not been able to imagine or come up with on your own.


What if the entire universe could contribute to showing you a different possibility?


You are not alone in the world.

What if the entire universe could show you a way to change and undo the post traumatic stress you have been living with?

Your questions are what open the door to that as a possibility.

I learned about this from Access Consciousness™ you can check out their official website at and my personal profile on the Access site at

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