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Relief #3


 A Bars Point

Release past trauma with gentle touch

There are points on your head, that if you touch them can start to create a huge amount of ease. Personally, I like to touch these points when I lay in bed every night before I go to sleep. I will touch them for anything from 5 minutes to an hour. Whatever I feel like I need at the time.


These points are just one set of the thirty-two points in the life changing Access Consciousness Bars™ modality. The point I suggest is called “the implant band”.


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Even if you really don’t like the song, if it is catchy, you keep repeating it over and over again? That is an auditory implant. Anything that repeats over and over is a kind of implant. There are all sorts of things that can become an implant. All the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, attitudes, and emotions that you either aligned and agreed with or resisted and reacted to, these are implants. These implants put you in a place of reaction instead of being able to take action. 


Touching this point on your head erases all the implants that have energetically been stored there. For every five minutes of those points being touched, it clears years of implanted stuff.


Here is what you do:

It is easiest to do if you lay down on a couch or bed, so your arms have something to rest on. You will touch behind both ears. Touch with two or three of your fingers against the back of your ear, where it connects with your head. Then, keeping your fingers pressed together, slide them straight back towards the back of your head (not toward the shoulders). You will notice there is a slight bump or hill and then an indent or valley. The valley is the spot. You can wiggle your fingers very slightly until they seem to fall into place. It is a natural indent that your fingertips easily rest in. This is the Access Bars implant band.


You can also have someone else touch these points behind the ear.

I learned about this from Access Consciousness™ you can check out their official website at and my personal profile on the Access site at

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