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Private Sessions

Nurturing. Direct. Empowering.


By choosing a private session with me I know you are ready for change and yet might be unclear about where to even begin with something that has seemed so impossible to undo. I will meet you where ever you are in your journey to go beyond post traumatic stress.


What can we create together with your willingness and my know-how?


I don't have the answers, but somewhere inside you - you do! Together we can discover what that is for you.


Together we will take the next steps for you to move towards creating the lasting change you seek.

Private Sessions

You don't have to know how

You just have to be willing!

In the sessions we will not just be talking about change, we will be taking action that creates change. When you change the energy you are functioning from everything in your life begins to show up different.

Every session will be changing the energy of you, your life, your body, your past and your future. You choose what changes by your allowing the energy to release and unlock as it currently is. Energy can never be destroyed, it can only change and transform.

Verbal Clearing

In a verbal clearing session we will be talking about what it going on for you and using the Access Consciousness clearing statement to erase and release the energies that are locking you up.


At the same time you will become educated about how to use these tools on your own, in your everyday life. Exploring how your choices are creating your life in an environment of no judgment creates powerful transformation with ease.

Recommended at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for your first session. Follow up sessions as you choose. Sessions done over the phone or Skype.

Symphony Session

In a Syphony Session we will be working directly with the energies that make up your life and reality. We start a session by me asking you; "If you can have anything out of this, what would it be?" You truly can ask for anything. It is your willingness to allow what you are asking for to actually show up that contributes to it becoming possible.

I may ask you some questions during, or it may be silent. I will be present with you energetically and using everything I have available to contribute to what you are asking for. This is where the magic of you and me as infinite beings together can change anything our vulnerability, allowance, choices and request to do so; together we make whatever you are asking for a reality. Or, at least open the door to the change you are seeking beginning to show up.

Recommended Verbal Clearing is done first so you become more familiar with working energetically. Recommended 15 minute, 30 minute, or 45 minute sessions. Done over the phone or Skype.

Please email using the contact form at the bottom of the page to arrange for a Private Session over the phone or by Skype. 


By the minute $5

By the hour $300

Payment by PayPal or Credit Card.

15 minute FREE consultation.

If we have never met and you would like to find out more about if this is the right fit for you, please email for a free consultation.

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