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Allowing Greater Possibilities

What if every day holds a new possibility for something greater to show up?

Who and what can contribute to that showing up in your life and as YOUR LIFE? ...would you allow that to include you being the one to gift that to you also?

What if truly there is no such thing as impossible? Believe me, I know, when living with PTSD almost everything seems impossible to get better. It can feel like the best that is possible is to slow the unstoppable descent into the darkness of your symptoms. What if part of the heaviness of that, is that it is actually a lie?!

Just because you have no idea what it would take to change PTSD, does not mean it can't.

...It just means you do not YET have the information, the know-how, the awareness of what you can be different, and what you can do different, that will allow it to all change.

What if it is your choices that create the future you would like to have?

Truly, today is a new day. Today is not set in stone. Today, like everday, will be created by the choices you make moment by moment. What if absolutely everthing is a choice? What you think about, what you say, what you do, what you do next, what attitude you take,,,What if just for today you allowed yourself to make an entirely new and different choice this morning, this afternoon and this evening?

Would you be willing to go in a new direction? Would you be willing to just start trying something new? Maybe several "something new" things?

What if the menu of possibility for choosing something new is huge and full of wonderful things?

Have you ever gone to a new restaurant that serves a kind of food you have never tried before? One that you have never been to before, and knew nothing about? Did it stop you from trying it just because you have never been there before? Did you have to meet the chef, interview the staff, review the menu, talk with people who have eaten their before to find out how it was for them? NO. You walked in, got a seat, looked a the menu and ordered something. You got to discover and find out as you went. What if changing and undoing PTSD could be like going to a restaurant you have never been to before?

One of the thing I actually find rather humorous is when people would like to change something WITHOUT ACTUALLY MAKING A CHANGE. Now, it sounds silly when I say it, but how often have we all desired change, without be willing to do anything different? This is the choice people are often making far more than they would like to know. Is now the time to truly being making new choices?

If you KNOW you are seeking true and lasting change, and you are at the point that you are willing to do ANYTHING to achieve the change you are seeking...then this blog and this website could be a huge gift and contribution. Visit often to find new articles, inspiring stories, tools and so much more!

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