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Increase The Ease

Is now the time for a fresh start!

If it is possible to truly have more EASE in your everyday life, would you choose it?...Most people think that is a kind of stupid question - of course! Yet, is it? If you don't have ease, then actually, you are not choosing it...

One of the weirdest things about PTSD is how a person can get used to constant intensity, stress, anxiety, anger, upset - no peace and no ease - they don't know that those are things a person actually chooses until it gets to the point that they believe it is normal and not a choice. It appears to be automatic. It is not.

Do you recall what it is to make a choice that leads to more ease? Or, are you sure that everything leads to upset, difficulty and intensity? One of the most amazing things about Access Consciousness tools is that the cycles of insanity that maintain no ease in living can be changed, undone, broken...opening a new way to experience every day living.

This can start with something as simple as laying on a massage table and having a practitioner touch the 32 points on the head called "Access Bars." Give yourself the gift of a new possibility and seek out a practitioner or faciltiator.

January 6th is worldwide global Bars day where you can experience a Bars session. There will be events all around the world.


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